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I have the feeling, that many people don’t think about Düsseldorf when it comes to finding a destination for the next city trip. Which maybe was perhaps to the fact that Düsseldorf is really close to my hometown and when I talk about possible destinations I mostly do that with friends and family, and not so much with people from other states.


Vacation in Düsseldorf - Love your hometown


But even on Pinterest aren’t that many travel guides or posts about Düsseldorf, at least in my opinion, besides all those amazing photographs you can find there. Andy et Düsseldorf is definitely worth a journey and you can see and do a lot indeed.



I already wrote about a perhaps suitable accomodation in my last post. The Mercure Hotel Düsseldorf-Kaarst, which I had the chance to visit with Reisehummel*.

You can also book amazing shelters via Airbnb, which are totally okay regarding the price.

Couchsurfing is also very popular in Düsseldorf. So if you don’t have a problem to sleep at strangers (which are present) on their couch or in the guest room, this is a great option. And first of all very cheap, since Couchsurfing is for free. So don’t be timid about it. 😉


City centre, Düsseldorf - Germany


Getting around

In Düsseldorf you really have many good possibilities for getting around.

We used the group ticket of the Düsseldorf Card* a lot, which you can get online or in the tourist centre. This card costs 28 € for two days and you don’t just get many discounts and free entry to many museums, but you can also use public transportation in the Düsseldorf area (price level A) for free, so busses, metro, tram and the S-Bahn which are on tour in the Düsseldorf area.


City centre, Düsseldorf - Germany


Another possibilty is walking by feet of course. In the area of the city centre right up to the main station it really is a good option and you’re quite quick at the different places you’d like to see. And even though we used the tram and metro a lot, we still walked about 15,500 steps on Saturday. 🙂

But if you want tob e more flexible and don’t want to use public transportation you as well can explore Düsseldorf by bike, if you’re not afraid of the city traffic. 😉 You can rent a bike for example directly in the Radstation at the main station. For 1 day (24h) you have to pay 13 €.


MedienHafen, Düsseldorf - Germany


To Do

The colorful houses

Kiefernstraße, 40223 Düsseldorf: Reachable by the stop Kettwiger Straße or Fichtenstraße. If you’re interested in StreetArt and amazing paintings you should visit the Kiefernstraße. Inducted in 1902, the street was built on with company dwellings for the nearby Klöckner-Werke. 1977, after the company was decommissioned, they started to bounce the rentees of the dwellings, because there should emerge an industrial area. In 1981 the social security office alloted some of these appartements to african refugees and as a result apartment-hunters occupied 60 appartements, because living space was really short.


Kiefernstraße, Düsseldorf - Germany


Of course, the history has much more to tell, but it ends with that the dwellers got rental agreements and that they continue until further notice. The last time, when the agreements were meant to be expired, certainly was in 2008. The houses of the occupants, which by the way live only in the houses with the odd numbers, were given artistic form and the paintings are really impressive.


Kiefernstraße, Düsseldorf - Germany

Kiefernstraße, Düsseldorf - Germany


Left bank of the Rhine in Oberkassel

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring, 40545 Düsseldorf: Reachable by the stop Luegplatz. Here on the other side of the Rhine you can perfectly relax on the big meadow and sight the turmoil on the other side. One can superbly relax in the sun and as far as I know BBQ is permitted there. But please check this before you do that.


Skyline, Düsseldorf - Germany


Rhine tower

Stromstraße 20, 40212 Düsseldorf: Reachable by the stops Landtag/Kniebrücke or Stadttor. For those among you who have never been to Düsseldorf yet, the Rhine tower actually is an obligation. It is located near the MedienHafen and is the town’s landmark. The tower is 240.5 metres high and in 172.5 metres height you can find a restaurant, which pinwheels hourly. The entry fee for an adult is 9 € and 7 € for juveniles (6 – 17 years).


Rhine tower, Düsseldorf - Germany


Hop-on Hop-off Bustour

Admittedly I didn’t join a tour this time (shame on me), but you can make such a tour in Düsseldorf. You get a great overview of the town and can reach all important places. The tour I find costs 15 €. When you have the Düsseldorf Card you get a discount of 2 €.


MedienHafen, Düsseldorf - Germany



What’s Beef

Immermannstraße 24, 40210 Düsseldorf: Reachable by the stop Charlottenstr./Oststraße or about 10 minutes by feet from the main station. We didn’t eat burgers here, but the shall be amazing and we’ll definitely try them the next time. What we ordered were shakes. What’s Beef is famous for its opulently shakes in the locality, and what can I say, we were so full after we drank them, just like a normal meal and we were in a milkshake coma. 😀 But they are so damn tasty! Definitely try them.


What's Beef, Düsseldorf - Germany


Frittenwerk – Die Pommesmanufaktur

Friedrichstraße 145, 40217 Düsseldorf: Directly located at the S-Bahn and metro station Düsseldorf-Bilk is Frittenwerk. Here you can get super tasty fries. Either fries with a separate sauce or, who likes it more decadent and opulent, as a Poutine. This tasty snack originally comes from Canada, as far as I know. And Frittenwerk brings this delicacy to Germany. So when you’re around you should visit them. Really good and you become full with a Poutine, I promise. Frittenwerk is also located in Cologne, Aachen, Frankfurt and Essen.


Frittenwerk, Düsseldorf - Germany

Frittenwerk, Düsseldorf - Germany


Unbehaun Eiscafé

Aachener Str. 159, 40223 Düsseldorf: Reachable by the stop Südring. Unbehaun is one of the best know ice cream shops in Düsseldorf. This shop already exists for 100 years and definitely has a certain cult status. Even though they only have 5 ice cream sorts. Vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, lemon and strawberry. And they spackle it completely to the top of your tub and you pay for the different tub sizes. The ice cream is made with fresh milk and without essences and colorings, that’s why it seems more colourless than usual. But the taste is phenomenal. So you really should visit this shop!


Unbehaun Eiscafé, Düsseldorf - Germany


Café Hüftgold

Ackerstraße 113, 40233 Düsseldorf: Reachable by the stop Birkenstraße. Only for the name it’s worth to visit this vintage café. Indulgence without regret is the slogan of this wonderful little café. The cakes are all homemade and the taste is amazing. You have to choose your cake before you sit down in the display in the front, because the cakes variegate daily. I really can recommend this café!


Café Hüftgold, Düsseldorf - Germany

Café Hüftgold, Düsseldorf - Germany


My upshot from Düsseldorf

I have to confess, that Düsseldorf didn’t come to my mind before either when it came to city trips and short vacations. But afterwards Düsseldorf really could win me over and now I can recommend things to people who ask me. 😉 I mean, it only took me 6 years until I concerned myself with the town I work in. 😀 But the weekend was pretty amazing and I really can suggest to take a look at Düsseldorf.


Kiefernstraße, Düsseldorf - Germany


Where did you spend your best city trip so far? And which town is on top of your list? 🙂

*This journey was supported by Düsseldorf Tourismus and Reisehummel.

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