Welcome on board – Mini cruise across Scandinavia

Actually, I’m not the biggest fan of shipping. Ships by itself I really like and I think they’re extremely impressive! But unfortunately, I tend to become seasick relatively quick, which happened the last time in New Zealand during the passage from Wellington to Picton. So that’s why I actually try to avoid passages by ship.


Mini cruise in Scandinavia


Discover Scandinavia – by ship

But when Sylvi asked me to join her on her mini cruise, I just couldn’t say no and packed my bags! Okay – not really. But 3 months later I packed my bags. 😉

We didn’t just see 3 cities in one week, but also were guests of 3 different countries. The travel guides for Turku, Riga and Stockholm are already online. But of course I want to share my experiences of my first little cruise with you, which we made with the Baltic Princess* – a ship of the Tallink Group – and which brought us safely in all 3 cities.


Passage Stockholm Riga - Scandinavia

Passage Stockholm Riga - Scandinavia


As you sow, so you shall reap

When we entered the ship, I still was unsure, because I already took the boat quite a lot and so I had an opinion in my mind. 😀 But I was surprised in a good way. Everything was really beautiful to look at and you had a good overview due to the orientation maps (but of course this couldn’t stop us from getting lost from time to time :D).

But as we finally arrived in our cabin, I really was a little bit excited. The cabin had a really good size and we both could lay our open bags on the floor. Even though the bags took most of the open space and there wasn’t that much room for us to move anymore.

Honestly the bed wasn’t the most comfortable at first, but I was so surprised how good I slept in this bed and I was more than sad when I had to struggle myself out of the bed next morning.


Sunset over the Baltic Sea - Scandinavia


Food is the most important meal of the day

As our stomachs already rumbled a lot we made our way to the opulent dinner buffet after the inspection of our cabin. A generous variety of food and everyone will find something! Of course, the dessert buffet appealed to me the most. 😉

The breakfast was very generous as well the next day and if we wanted we could also have a glass of sparkling wine. I’m a big fan of breakfast and so I really chowed down. I can eat a lot in the morning. 😀 And when you have such a generous variety I guess everyone loves to fill the belly.


Restaurant Baltic Princess, Cruise - Scandinavia


Sated and satisfied – but what next?

After dinner we were in the mood for some fresh air and so we began to search for the sun deck. And what shall I say. As already mentioned above, we got lost. Well, you know, a ship is very big and has so many corridors, so you can easily become confused. 😀 But eventually we found the sun deck and could marvel at the sunset with an icy breeze.

Well, but what can you do on a ship after dinner and when you already explored the deck? Don’t worry about that, because every evening you have a really good entertainment program. Bands and dance performances will soother your evening. And when this isn’t enough, you can toss down a tasty cocktail or shake a leg yourself. 😉


Corridor of the Baltic Princess, Cruise - Scandinavia

Baltic Princess, Cruise - Scandinavia


My upshot

For this short routes I actually find it pretty cool to go by ship. At least when there’s no rough sea. 😀 But I guess I wouldn’t be the type for a multi-week cruise. This wouldn’t be flexible enough for me and I couldn’t be that spontaneous. But especially for people, like me, who wants to find out first if they like cruises, such a mini cruise is perfect and I can really recommend it in Scandinavia. 🙂


Sunset over the Baltic Sea - Scandinavia


Who was already on a cruise so far? Do you want to do it again or do you prefer another type of vacation? I’m curious. 🙂


*This journey was enabled with the support of Tallink Silja Line.


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