Welcome to Riga – Paris of the North

As you can see in the title Riga* is lovingly called Paris of the North or as well Miss Baltica. Sounds really likeable, doesn’t it? Even though I have to say that Riga doesn’t have a lot in common with Paris. But because of its strong western influence and its wicked cultural life it got this nickname.


Paris of the North, Riga - Latvia


When Sylvi from Sylvi’s Lifestyle and me arrived in Riga we didn’t have the best mood. Because it was raining. It really poured down. After a felt eternity we finally arrived at our hotel the first thing we did was changing our clothes, because they were pretty wet. But all this shouldn’t keep us from a first scouting expedition of Riga. So each of us borrowed an umbrella at the reception and there we went.


Riga Cathedral - Latvia


Getting around

There are two possibilities to get around in Riga.

On the one hand there is public transportation, whereas I can only tell you about the tram. Everything is super easy and particularly cheap. For the way from the harbor to our hotel we had to pay about 1.35 € per peron. And that’s definitely more than okay.

The other possibility: You go by feet! Everything is perfectly accessible on foot and we only used the tram to reach our hotel or the harbor. Even tough Riga is the biggest Baltic capital, the center is rather manageable and you can orient yourself very well.


Historic city of Riga - Latvia


To Do

I definitely can recommend a Hop on Hop off bus tour. You don’t only get to know a lot of Rigas history, but also many background information to each sight. We did our tour with Riga Sightseeing, because the tickets only cost 15 € each, which is really cheap compared to other tours. But furthermore you can use your ticket for two days. On our first day, which had so much rain for us, we wanted to get a first overview. What was worth to visit and all that stuff. 🙂

The Paris of the North has a wonderful historic city with gorgeous buildings. You really shouldn’t miss this.


Historic city of Riga - Latvia


While wandering through the old city you should glance at the St. Peter’s Church. On the outside it really is a beautiful church. You also can marvel at it from the inside. When we were in the church, unfortunately there were a service and we didn’t want to disturb. If you want you can also go up to the steeple. But it costs about 9€ per person. You have tot hink about if this is worth it for you.


St. Peter's Church, Riga - Latvia


Also represented in the historic city is the Blackheads House. The first time it was mentioned by name was in the year 1334, so it’s a very old building. It was a place for gathering between merchants and the mainly german citizenry of Riga.


Blackheads House, Riga - Latvia


What Riga is very good in: parks! The parks which we saw where already beautiful in their winter mode. They have to be stunning in summer. You can definitely dwell the one or other minute here and enjoy the weather, provided that the sun is shining. 😉

I especially like the Vermanes Park near of the Freedom Monument. In this park there also is a small bridge where lovers can mount little padlocks. 🙂


Vermanes Park, Riga - Latvia

Vermanes Park, Riga - Latvia



Tea & Coffee Garden

Grēcinieku iela 28, Centra rajons: After our first round with the Hop on Hop off tour we decided us to have some coffee and cake instead of a big lunch. And this small and placid café was directly at the place where the bus had it final stop and it made a really good impression. So we went in and ordered. And I can tell you, I guess I never drank such a good Chai before. So damn tasty! And the small caramell cake was really good as well!


Tea & Coffee Garden, Riga - Latvia

Tea & Coffee Garden, Riga - Latvia



Audēju iela 11, Centra rajons: We spotted this café on our second day in Riga. Wherewith it, first of all me, could lure? This café had a table with a swing! Yeah, right. You could sit at the table and swing at the same time. 😀 Fortunately this table was free when we walked in. And who had to sit on the swing? That’s right, me! The small cakes and the coffee or the cocoa I can warmly recommend. It’s furnished pretty nice and there are fresh cakes from the kitchen all the time. The staff is super friendly and you just feel comfortable in this café.


Bakeberry, Riga - Latvia

Bakeberry, Riga - Latvia


T.G.I. Fridays

Kaļķu iela 6, Centra rajons: But so that you get at least one tip for your dinner or lunch, I have the T.G.I. Fridays for you. Mainly you get american kitchen here like burgers or chicken wings. But they also have some mexican food. 😉 Friendly staff and the food is tasty. Prices are like german prices I’d say.


T.G.I. Fridays, Riga - Latvia


My upshot from the Paris of the North

Riga is a beautiful city, no doubt about it. But it also didn’t take my heart by storm. Maybe the weather is one reason. I definitely will come back, but probably in summer and not when it’s still winter. 😀 I guess, that makes a big difference. Riga has wonderful parks and I really want to see them when everything is green and blooms!


Riga - Latvia


Who of you already was in Riga? Or is it already on your must-see list? 🙂


*This journey was enabled with the support of Tallink Silja Line.


  • Kirsten 10. April 2017 at 20:07

    Hi Diandra,

    wir waren im letzten Jahr ebenfalls im Winter in Riga und uns hat die Stadt sehr gefallen, auch wenn es bei unserem Besuch -20 Grad hatte und immer wieder heftig geschneit hat. Wir müssen definitiv noch mal im Sommer hin 🙂

    Ich hab damals auch einen Blogartikel zu Riga veröffentlicht mit Fokus auf Restauranttipps: https://sugarandspice.blog/kulinarischer-geheimtipp-ein/

    Übrigens habe ich mir sagen lassen, woher der Name “Paris des Nordens” kommt. Er bezieht sich darauf, dass Riga nach Paris die Stadt mit den zweitmeisten Jugendstilgebäuden in Europa ist. Davon sieht man aber in der mittelalterlichen Altstadt nichts, die Jugendstil-Viertel sind eher nördlich davon (unser Hotel damals lag mittendrin, und da sah es schon etwas nach Paris aus). 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,

    • bakingavenue 11. April 2017 at 12:35

      Hey Kirsten,
      oh, -20 Grad sind tatsächlich sehr kalt. Bei uns war es immerhin knapp über 0 Grad und kein Schnee. 😀

      Danke für deinen Beitrag, da werde ich mal stöbern! 🙂
      Und danke für die Info, die habe ich tatsächlich so nicht finden können bei meiner nachträglichen Recherche!

      Liebe Grüße

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