[Travel] Chicago, the windy city! 3/3

I still owe you the last part of my Chicago series. It took a little longer. But now it’s finally here! It’s about food and the things I learned in Chicago about America.




Food, food and much more food!

I directly have to disappoint you a little. Unfotunately I only have food photos of two dishes. The other photos were all on my old mobile and I totally forgot to save them correctly before I reset it to factory setting. 🙁


Aurelio’s Pizza

1212 S Michigan Ave, L-Haltestelle Roosevelt: If you like pizza, so everyone of youm because Hey! Who doesn’t like pizza?! So if you like pizza then you’re at the right place. Here we ate our first pizza in Chicago. I had a Stuffed Pizza and Sylvi had a Spinach Calabrese. And it’s just super tasty. Don’t miss that. 🙂





Gino’s East

521 S Dearborn St., L-Haltestelle Harold Washington/Van Buren: You want to try the typical Chicago Deep Dish Pizza? So off to Gino’s! You have to walk a little from the L-station. Deep Dish is definitely tasty, but you should share a size S pizza at least with one other person. We ordered a size S and accidently got a size M…and we only could eat half of it! Deep Dish is really very heavy, so keep that in mind for your order. 😉


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Ann Sather

1147 W Granville Ave, L-Haltestelle Granville: This Ann Sather restaurant is fairly far out of the city centre. There is another at 3415 N Broadway, that’s closer. Here you can perfectly have breakfast or brunch. Or if you like to eat breakfast for lunch, it’s perfect too. 😛 The servings are really big, the prices very good and the food is super yummy! You especially have to try the cinnamon rolls when you visit.


Bongo Room

1152 S Wabash Ave, L-Haltestelle Roosevelt: Maybe you have to wait a little until you get a free table. The restaurant itself is rather small and well-attended. We had to wait about 10 minutes. In price just a tiny little bit dearer, but the food is really recommendable. You can get breakfast and brunch here, but more eccentric.





65 E Harrison, L-Haltestelle Harrison: You need a sandwich in between but don’t want to pass on quality? That’s the right place for you! Sylvi and me both had a BLT Sandwich with fries and it was really tasty and just perfect for a small lunch.


Butch McGuire’s

20 W Division St., L-Haltestelle Clark/Division: For a pub visit with super tasty burgers I can entrust Butch McGuire’s to you. Really nice atmosphere, so many nice people and really good food! We were delighted. Just perfect after a nice long walk from North Avenue Beach to Oak Street Beach. 😉




What I learned about America

We found out that Americans like to leave the engine of their car running. Wether they sit in it or not.

It really doesn’t bother anyone if you sing to the music in your headphones while sitting in the train.

The Iceman sometimes comes around at 10:30 pm in your neighbourhood…and even has customers at this time! So don’t be scared, even though the melody of his truck is a little creepy at first. Especially at this time.




It really is true: Everything is bigger in America! So principally order your food in S, maximum M. Everything else is at least for one person nearly utopistic.

Americans love revolving doors. And you have to be really quick if you want to keep up with the Americans here and don’t want to spin with the door.


What things could you learn so far from your USA holiday? 🙂 Did something surprise you?



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