[Travel] Chicago, the windy city! 2/3

Today I tell you how you best getting around in Chicago and which Highlights are worth it and which my favorite was!


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Getting around

Best for getting around is the ‚L’ system or by feet. Busses will work as well I guess, but we didn’t use them. The ‚L’ are trains which drives through the whole city. The rails are mostly above the streets. But a few are Subways as well. You really should buy a ticket for the L which you can use several days. We bought one for 7 days and it only cost $28. So you can go around Chicago by train for $4 a day. And Chicago is a really big city. 😉


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Within the Loop you can perfectly go by feet as well. Just explore the city. It won’t take long until you can get around without a map. At least I could. 🙂 My friend and me had pedometers on our mobiles. If you don’t have such an app but you’re interested in how much you walked the day, definitely download one. Of course these apps are not 100% correct, but you’ll have a good indication. 🙂


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Another possibilty is the bike. Everywhere in Chicago are bike station of Divvy where you can rent a bike. Just buy a 24h pass for $9,95 and you can do as much 30 minute trips as you like. If you overrun the 30 minutes you need to pay a small fee. But these stations really are everywhere. So this shouldn’t be a problem.





Skydeck – Willis Tower

233 S Wacker Dr, L-station Quincy/Wells: For us it definitely was a must-see. Indeed the ticket costs $22, but you’ll be rewarded with a wonderful view which makes you speechless. Here you can make pretty cool photos in the Ledge, the glass balconies, 412 m above ground, only with some glass between your feet and the rest of the world. 😉 In two of the four balconies you can let a photographer take photos of you. Of course they are perfectly illuminated. But unfortunately I don’t know how expensive this is.


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Lake Michigan

My personal favorite highlight. I never saw such a turquoise lake before. You feel like you’re at the sea. This lake is about 58 km² big. For comparison: Switzerland is about 41,2 km² big. 😉 Just take your time and sit a while on the shore or beneath one of the many blooming trees and just enjoy that you can be in this town. Lake Michigan is just perfect for it!




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Cloud Gate aka The Bean, Millenium Park

201 E Randolph St, L-Haltestelle Randolph/Wabash: I’m sure many of you saw the Cloud Gate on photos before. This sculpture consists of highly polished steal so that the surface looks like a mirror. Because of the form the sculpture has the byname ‚The Bean’. Here you can make funny photos, stand under the Cloud Gate or just sit on a bank, watch people and enjoy the weather.





Field Museum

1400 S Lake Shore Dr, L-Haltestelle Roosevelt: If you are interested in culture and museums definitely visit the Field Museum – as long as shouting school classes don’t bother you. For us the cliché of the typical museum visit was totally fulfilled. Because perceived every school class of Chicago was at Field Museum this day. In front of the Museum Campus. 😀 But don’t mind that and visit! Besides many awesome exhibitions is the building itself worth the visit. With the basis pass which costs $22 you’re in good hands, except you want to visit the special exhibit. Then you need to pay a few extra dollar.





Chicago Cultural Center

78 E Washington St, L-Haltestelle Randolph/Wabash: Are you interested in architecture? Then visit the Chicago Cultural Center. Here you can marvel at wonderful domes, ceilings and ornaments in the whole building and it doesn’t cost even a cent. Furthermore there are always some exhibits which you can have a look at as well.






Lincoln Park & Lincoln Park Zoo

2001 N Clark St, L-Haltestelle Sedgwick or Armitage or Fullerton: From all stations you have to walk by feet a little, but in this neighborhood it’s worth it. It’s really wonderful here. 🙂 At Lincoln Park itself you can relax or visit a weekly market if there is one at the time. The Lincoln Park Zoo is a really pretty zoo for which you don’t have to pay admission. It wipes its own face with donations. 🙂





North Avenue Beach

1600 N Lake Shore Dr, L-Haltestelle Sedgwick: From Lincoln Park it’s just a short walk to this wonderful beach at Lake Michigan. You really feel like you’re at the sea when you are here. 🙂


This was part 2! I hope I could show you some of my personal highlight of Chicago. In the 3. part will be about the most wonderful side issue in the world. Right! Food! <3 Furthermore I share with you some of the things I learned and which things bothered me a little.





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